#5 Minaret Station $1176.5/night – Top 10 Most Expensive Glamping

New Trend Of The Market Is Glamping “Luxury in Wild”.


#5 Glamping at Minaret Station, New Zealand, $1176.5/night

Minaret Bay 9382, New Zealand


This luxury tent is equipped on the shores of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. You can get to these delightful places only by helicopter. Each luxury tent is made of sheep’s skins, inside there is a luxurious king size bed, there are all conceivable conveniences, of course, including the Jacuzzi. The guests staying at the Minaret Station are attracted to numerous entertainments for all tastes. Here you can make hikes in the picturesque surroundings, admire the wild animals in your native country, travel by helicopter, fly fishing, ride a motorboat, taste wine, practice skiing, hunt under the guidance of an experienced explorer.

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Even A TreeHouse Resort 



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